How Does Eduten’s Digital Learning Platform Support Personalized Learning?

Large class sizes, lack of funding and a crowded curriculum work against personalization in the classroom. As we know, teachers work tirelessly under a heavy weight of expectation from different stakeholders.

In a perfect world, students would work one-on-one with their classroom teacher at least once a day, but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s impossible that a student’s name would be called, let alone have an entire discussion.

This is where Eduten comes into play. Eduten recognizes that each student is unique and that we all have different learning styles, and preferences when it comes to learning methods. We respect that all of our students are different and indeed have different learning needs and goals. Toddlers learn to walk and talk at different ages — mathematics is no different.

In math, practice makes perfect. But, to be able to practice meaningfully, you need to continuously get proper feedback. So what are the options for a student who’s eager to work extra to learn more?

Eduten’s core feature is differentiation. It’s a way to fine-tune the challenge level for individual students. This means that every student doesn’t need to complete the same exercises. Instead, the teacher assigns easier tasks for some and more demanding tasks for others, based on their abilities. Differentiation is extremely important for student motivation and increased learning performance.

If you’re not using Eduten at the moment, differentiation can be achieved (albeit a little more slowly) by having clear expectations and goals for students and giving them the freedom to choose their own learning path. In other words, by having choices (be it different activity sheets or games) available for kids so they can feel empowered about learning.

Empowering students is a key aspect of learning relationships. In the past, teachers have had all of the power. Sharing this power with students gives them responsibility and builds their metacognitive skills. (*Metacognition = thinking about one’s own thinking).

Eduten’s digital platform is all about personalized learning. It’s Finland’s number #1 digital learning platform! With Eduten, every child in your class has the opportunity to do the work that’s right for them at the click of a button. Find out more here and sign up for a free trial here.

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